Modular Kitchen

5 Surprising Facts About Modular Kitchen

Now a day’s modern furniture is a new trend and many people are interested to know about it and Kitchen being the most utilized place, everyone wants it to be designed as per needs. In India, many people think that modular kitchens are not their cup of tea. But this is not the case so before making any perception you should consider all the facts about it as
listed below:


In India this is the common misconception that modular kitchens do not last for long because they use low quality material. But in fact, the modular kitchen is sturdier as they made each module separately and then assemble them together whereas in a kitchen made on site with local carpenter invariably uses only partitions to create a kitchen which may look good at first but are not last for long. The client has a choice to pick a material
he wants.

Style or Design

Modular kitchen is sharp, attractive, adaptable, and has long-lasting visual appeal. These companies have best designs and style that suits to your home. You have a tremendous amount of flexibility in choosing the designs and styles.


The entire purpose of the modular kitchen is to make with the purpose of relocation so that they are easy to assemble resemble. If client want to change some part or renovation in design, then it can be done without affecting the entire. Only the module, which needs to renovate would be done. Thus, upgrading your modular is the easiest thing you can ask
for and you can upgrade it with the latest design. Space utilization is important to benefit of it because custom furniture can be done according to the space you have but carpenters will not have that facility.

After Sales Service

Modular kitchen companies provide you the best after sale service. They have organized team for after sales support team as they know this is not just a product but a service-based industry. But carpenter usually works with a very small unorganized team of supporter, hence it is not possible for him to give a best service as a custom furniture company, who has a best team of technical support, responsible for installations and after sales service. These technicians will help to the best for your all the requirement.

No Place for Cockroaches

Modular kitchens are organized so they don’t have that dark and naccessible corners and can be pulled out easily for better cleaning and upkeep of the kitchen. Modular or not modular, cockroaches would breed wherever there are damp and dark spaces. So, you should keep all these things in mind before making a decision. In the case of the modular kitchen, the dark and damp areas are almost eliminated due to better planning.

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