modular kitchen

What do we Mean by the Modular Kitchen?

Modular kitchen is a new term and innovative step over the traditional kitchen which makes the everyday kitchen tasks easy with its functionality and durability. The modular kitchen focuses mainly on convenience, space utilization, and utility value. Kitchen normally consists of wooden cabinets, countertops, internal accessories, baskets, trays or other types. Which can assist the fruitful usage of the spaces in a kitchen? CMIndia is the foremost/leading Modular Kitchen and Modular office Maker in Nashik.

Types of Modular Kitchen

L Shaped: This is one of the most commonly applied kitchen layouts and is flawless ideal for smaller homes. It makes well-organized use of minimum floor space and gives you the advantage of easily incorporating a small Kitchen within your Home.

Parallel shaped: Parallel kitchen is a smaller version of u shape kitchen. It has two parallel counter tops and work can be easily split up with two, long working areas that face each other. With two, long working areas that face each other, it can be split into ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ workspaces.

Straight shaped: This type of kitchen does not employ a work triangle, as the workflow is based on a straight line. The Straight Modular Kitchen layout is compact, reticent, and works for both small and large kitchen spaces.  

Island Shaped: An island kitchen is a preferred option because of its decorous looks and fashionable look. An island modular kitchen is versatile helps in creation of separate storage and cooking spaces and has a voguish look and feel.

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